Best 529 Plans For College Savings

Best 529 plans: Are you looking for the best way to save a lot of money for your child’s college cost? Well, here we are going to share the best saving plans that you can follow to save more for your future needs. So, continue reading this blog, the ideas will blow your mind.

Best 529 Plans

Are you amongst those parents wondering which the best way to save for their child’s college cost is? Worry no more! Investing in the best 529 plans is the right step to take today.

Yes, you might take saving for your kid’s college costs to be an unavoidable necessity, but that’s wrong. You don’t have to depend on financial since this step does not help most individuals. Education expenses keep rising from one day to another, meaning there are a few probabilities for college scholarships to cover everything. Therefore, there is a need to start saving for your kid’s education.

With the best 529 plans, you get a chance to sock away cash so that you can pay for the upcoming educational expenses. Other than this, when you opt for a 529 plan, your investment grows as time passes. In most cases, growth occurs at a rate that significantly beats the traditional/original saving accounts.

However, choosing the best 529 plans is a significant challenge that most individuals come across. From this article, you’ll get detailed information relating to 529 plans, and the best 529 savings plans that you need to consider today.

Let’s start!

What Are 529 College Savings Plans?

The best 529 Plans refer to the vehicle, specifically meant for educational expenses. Tax advantages are amongst the primary benefits offered by these savings plans. But, you will reap the fruits of these benefits if you use them for their intended purpose. Here, the intended purpose means using these savings plans to pay for college. 

Also, the 529 savings plans earn returns similar to the case of other investment accounts. Thus, this feature makes these savings plans to be more lucrative when compared to the traditional savings account. The name of these savings plans originates from the Internal Revenue Cod’s Section 529.

There is a vast difference between the 529 college savings plans and the traditional investment accounts. For the case of the 529 college savings plans, their management is at the state level as opposed to the conventional investment accounts. However, this does not mean that you only need to go for those provided by your state. You can go even for the ones that don’t feature the residency restrictions. By doing this, you will end up getting the best 529 college savings plans as per your needs.

There are high chances to find at least one 529 college savings plan in every state. But, there is a significant difference amongst these plans. These college savings plans fall either in the education savings plans or prepaid tuition plans.

Types Of 529 College Savings Plans

Here are the different types of 529 college savings plans. These are as follows:

Education Savings Plans

Education savings plans refer to the investment plans which you can spend at any college in different parts of the world. For this 529 college savings plan, you can choose the most appropriate portfolio, depending on your risk tolerance and investment goals.

For the education savings plans, they vary from conservative to the risky ones. Also, the rate of return for this case varies depending on your investment selections. The reason for this is that these savings plans are under the management of an independent mutual fund company.

When it comes to contributing to a 529 plan, you have the option of depositing the funds via a direct deposit. In this form of contribution, you ‘set it and then forget it.’ Most individuals prefer this option since they regard it as the most appropriate way of saving, hence allowing them to contribute enough.

Also, for this 560 savings plan, there is no limit of investing in the savings plan of your state. You’re free to take part in programs of other cities. However, you must note that the savings plans are not eligible when it comes to the federal income tax deductions.

Prepaid Tuition Savings Plans

Prepaid tuition 529 college savings plans refer to the 529 savings plans where you’re free to pay for future college tuition expenses as per the current rates. For this type of 529 savings plans, you need to contribute some amount of money that covers a fixed time. After this, the state will guarantee the expenses of university tuition when the child attends college.

However, these savings plans have age restrictions. Also, you need to come from the state that offers this plan. The guaranteed rate only works for the in-state colleges. Yes, you can still opt for an out-of-state college, but you must be ready to pay the difference. You get the difference by subtracting the higher out-of-state college tuition rate from what you have saved.

Another essential thing you need to note is that these savings plan option is tax-deductible for the taxes of your state. Also, returns are free from state taxes and federal taxes. Other than this, this savings plan can cover anywhere between one semester and four years.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best 529 College Savings Plan?

Here are some of the things you may need to consider while choosing the best 529 plans for college savings for your kids.

The Available 529 Savings Plans

You need to note that the requirements for the 529 Savings Plans vary from one state to another. These requirements depend on where the child attends college and where you live.

For the case of prepaid college savings plan, you need to pay college tuition to the specific state your kid will attend school ahead of time. As a result, it is always essential to go for the state’s 529 college savings plan.

 Go For The Direct-Sold or The Advisor-Sold?

There are two most popular ways through which you can register yourself in a 529 plan. The first option entails purchasing the savings plan through a specific advisor. Here, the advisor refers to the person who will handle the investing for you. The second option is all about investing directly. Both have their benefits and this is something we have discussed more in a previous post of ours that you can check out here: ABC’s of 529’s.

Availability Of Data

It is essential to consider how long it will retrieve data from the website before investing in a particular 529 plan that controls the site. The comparison can become hard if there is a lack of transparency.

Choose a 529 savings plan that features all the investment options. Also, the best 529 savings plan must feature minimum and maximum contributions. Other than this, the best 529 college savings plan is the one that shows past performance data relating to each of their investment options.

Past Performance

Past performance is another thing you need to consider while searching for the best 520 college savings plan. However, you need to note that you cannot use past performance to predict future results. The market keeps changing from one day to another, hence the reason you don’t have to use it to predict future performance. 

However, looking at the average returns received per year remains to be the most appropriate through which you can predict the possibility of the plan to work as per your needs. 

Management Expenses

As we said, past performance contributes a lot in predicting the future results of your savings plan. However, the cost is another thing you need to consider since it has a significant impact on the performance of your savings plan. Compound interest, one-point increment or decrement can have a substantial change in your savings plan. 

Investment Options

Investment options under your specific savings plan also matter a lot when it comes to choosing the best 529 college savings plan. Here, you need to check if the particular savings plan provides all the most popular investment options before selecting it. Also, check on the maximum and minimum amount you need to contribute per month. Other than this, it is also essential to total investment options.

Weighted Scores

Weighted scores help a lot whenever you want to check the overall quality of the savings plan.

529 College Savings Plan Rules

The founders of the 529 savings plan come up with this plan so they can provide an easy-to-use and flexible tool that helps a lot whenever plotting the future of your child. As a result, there are some rules you need to observe so you can enjoy all the benefits this savings plan offers. They include:


The 529 savings plan offers its benefits to all individuals. Yes, it is a tool meant saving college education of the child, but there are several other beneficiaries of this plan. They include relatives, friends, grandchildren, and even yourself.


The 529 plan does not concentrate on what you earn. Thus, you invest in this plan without considering the average salary you receive per month.


As per some parents, setting up only one 529 savings plan is the perfect option as opposed to going for one for every child. They do this since with the 529 savings plan; you have the choice to transfer it to yourself, friends, and other family members.

Thus, you have the freedom to open several 529 plans as you want since there’s no limit. However, it is possible to cater for the maintenance fees, but this depends on the college savings plan you select.

Financial Aid

When it comes to the application of financial aid, the assistance received depends on the assets of the student and parent. The funds saved in a 529 college savings -plan fall in the category of parent assets. Therefore, you can reduce the aid package of the student by up to 5.64% of the total saved amount.

Higher Education

The 529 college savings plan works best only for post-secondary education. There are recent rules that will allow you to use the 529 for private elementary and high school tuition however, most open a 529 with the intention to use it for higher education.


Most states have their 529 college savings plan. They either have a college savings plan or a prepaid tuition plan. You can enjoy incentives by investing in a 560 savings plan within your state. However, there are also several benefits you can experience when you choose those from the competitive market.


A 529 savings plan remains to be amongst the most preferred savings option for many parents. The reason for this is that this savings plan does not have age restrictions or time limit when it comes to investing in it.


The good news for every parent is that you can rollover the amount you have saved in a specific 529 savings plan to another. You can do this without issues of tax implications or penalties.

The Best 529 College Savings Plan

Here is the best college saving plan you will want to look into:

NY’s 529 College Savings Program

We covered the New York 529 plan in great detail so if you haven’t checked that out already you can do so here: New York 529 Plan.

Investing in NY’s 529 College Savings Program is the right choice for most parents as it maximizes returns and minimizes expenses. With this savings plan, you can expect to enjoy the perfect low 0.13% ER without considering the portfolio you want to invest in. Here, the wallet can either be low risk, age-based, high-risk, or static.

NY’s 529 College Savings Program is the perfect option because of a variety of investment options it offers. These include age-based, high-risk, static, and low-risk. Also, this plan does not have a minimum investment. Therefore, it gives you a chance to contribute any amount at all times. It has a sky-scraping maximum amount of $520,000, meaning you have access to a high-ceiling where you can accumulate enough money for your kid.

Ohio’s 529 College Advantage

Ohio’s 529 College Advantage is another 529 savings plan that gives portfolios for all investors. Its breadth of offerings provides every investor with enough space to accommodate all the investment styles.

Low expense ratios is another thing that makes Ohio’s 529 College Advantage to be one of the best 529 college savings plans. Here, expense ratios are essential in measuring the number of fund’s assets used in operating expenses. The expense ratio for this 529 plan stays below 0.22 percent. For static portfolios, ERs range from 0.19% to 0.22%. On the case of age-based, the ERs range from 0.20 to 0.22%.

Pennsylvania 529 College And Career Saving Program

Pennsylvania 529 program is the perfect option to go for if you’re looking for a secure savings option. There are two primary 560 plans that this program sponsors. These include the Guaranteed Savings Plan and the Investment Plan. The two remains to be secure savings options since they organize the dollars of the investors as evergreen credits, which occur in five different tuition levels.

Health performance is another reason why the Pennsylvania 529 program continues to be the most preferred option. The aggressive portfolios of this 529 plan feature return that exist in the range of 5%. For the conservative portfolios, their range occurs between 2 and 5%.

Also, the Pennsylvania 529 program is the right choice because of low-performance expenses. It gives you a chance to pay the lowest end of fees without considering the type of investment portfolio.

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Choosing the best 529 plans where you can start saving some amounts for the future education of your child is an essential step to take today. College savings plans are vital in reducing the stress associated with education expenses. With the 529 savings plan, you can set up your kids for success. Other than this, you can make this a reality if you choose to invest in the best 529 college savings plan. Also, this plan is the right tool and investment strategy for other designated beneficiaries.

I hope this article will help you finding the best plan for college saving. If you have something useful to share with us, then do let us know. We wish you good luck!

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